Gift Certificates

Looking for a special gift for an adventurous soul?  For Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation...or just to say "Thank you" or "I'm thinking of you" to a friend, relative or employee...a horseback trail ride is a gift they will always remember.


Other gifts may break, wear out or get lost, but they will always have that memory of that fantastic horseback trail ride you gave them.


Unlike other "ticket" type of gifts, you need not specify a date and time when you don't even know if it's a good time for them--they choose it online after they receive their gift certificate.  


Also, it is transferable, meaning that if you do not give it or if they cannot use it for any reason, anyone can use it.


Most people buy gift certificates for 2 (or more) riders so that the person can ride with friend or family.