Important Must-Read Information:

Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Age and Weight Restrictions

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  It is like a concert or theatre ticket--your puchase is absolutely FOR THAT DAY AND TIME ONLY and you must be present at the gate at the scheduled time in order to ride.  We cannot be responsible for medical emergencies, family emergencies, traffic, flat tires, closed routes, etc.  In order to purchase rides, you will be required to agree that you will be responsible for all such unexpected emergencies that may befall you.


ONLY 2 Exceptions:


Exception #1:  IF you purchase rides more than 48 hours before the scheduled time, you may cancel up to 48 hours before the ride and receive full refund, no questions asked.  (No refunds or rescheduling at all ever less than 48 hours before a ride.)


Exception #2:  If you cancel 24 hours before the scheduled time, you may reschedule your ride with a 20% rescheduling fee (80% discount).  You will need to reschedule the ride using the regular reservation system (which precludes overbooking of the horses) and we will refund all but the rescheduling fee after you show up for that rescheduled ride.



Rain:  If a ride is cancelled due to rain you can reschedule or get refund--your choice.  But you must email us to see if it is raining here and if the ride is cancelled.  (It may be raining where you are and not here.)




Riders must be at least 7 years old.

Maximum weight:  220 pounds  (350 lbs if you choose a draft horse, which are $10 extra)


Any rider less than 7 or more than the above mentioned weight restrictions will not be able to ride and this will NOT constitute grounds for a refund, the horse having already been held for that person and prepared for that person, so please take care in making your reservations.


Every rider under age 18 is required by law to wear a helmet.  Riders 18 and older may opt out of wearing a helmet.  We do provide helmets for anyone who must or who wants to wear one. 


We begin RIDER PROCESSING at exactly the scheduled time TO THE MINUTE, and it would not be fair to ask the other riders who arrived on time to wait while it's repeated for a late arrival. You would not think it fair if that was done to you after you took abundant precautions to arrive on time.


 If you are not present at the gate at the scheduled time, you will miss important procedures such as instructions for forms, obtaining and fitting of helmets, instructions for riding, etc, and therefore you will NOT be able to join the group after we have started, having missed some of these critical procedures EVEN IF WE HAVE NOT ACTUALLY LEFT YET.


Therefore, if you are not present at the gate at the scheduled time, you have already missed your ride and there is NO REFUND for that.  In making your reservation you are agreeing to assume responsibility for any and all misfortune or act of God that may befall you.  


WE ADVISE YOU ACCOUNT FOR TRAFFIC AND ALL OTHER EMERGENCIES IN YOUR PLANNING AND BE IN TOWN EARLY so that you will not waste your purchase--your purchase payment is for THAT PARTICULAR DAY AND TIME ONLY, just like a seat at a concert.

Release Form Must Be Signed

Click here to read and/or print out Release Form



It is important that, BEFORE PURCHASING A RIDE, you consult with all of your riders regarding their willingness to sign the above Release Form, because refusal to sign or initial any part of the required Release Form will preclude a rider from participation and there can be no refund for this occurence, the horses having been already held for you and/or your guest(s).


Every rider under age 18 IS REQUIRED TO HAVE PARENT'S SIGNATURE in order to ride.  


If a parent will not be present, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you bring with you a copy of this Release Form SIGNED BY A PARENT:  Release Form