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Western Trails Horses in Exile

The Horses of Western Trails Horseback Riding, of Norco, CA, have been brought to Montana to wait out the pandemic restrictions on "non-essential" businesses.  We anticipated taking them back within several months, but in California, the restrictions are getting worse and worse rather than better, and we anticipate keeping them in Montana indefinitely at this point.  These horses have always supported themselves by taking out riders, and now they are out of jobs and put out of their livelihoods.  You can help support them now by giving them back their jobs--and they do like going out for a ride.

Ride a Horse, Feed a Horse

For a mere $75 donation, you can not only help feed these innocent victims of our human shenanigans, but also go for a nice 2-hour ride on a nice trail in Helena.  The horses want to get out and do rides.  They are bored.

We can take down to 8 year olds and up to 300 lbs.  We have amazing draft horses for larger than 220 lbs, or if you just want to ride a draft horse for fun.

To ride, please email mthorses@protonmail.com

And yes, we do rides in the winter. 

Even in the snow.  We LOVE winter.

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