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Announcing the Sale of 2 beautiful black Percheron geldings

to benefit the horses of the Western Trails Horse Retirement Irrevocable Trust Fund.

We are asking $3500 for 17-year-old Crow and $7000 for 11-year-old Raven.

It is with deep sorrow that we find we are forced to sell two of our family members in order to support the rest of them through the winter of this pandemic that has destroyed their livelihood.

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Raven and Crow Eating--unfortunately, the video stops at about 30 seconds.  They are pretty scruffy after winter pasture.  Hopefully wise horsemen can see past that.

Also available:  the whole heard of 25 horses, immediately, as a feed lease. (Includes 6 drafts.)

The herd may be seen HERE:  ALL HORSES





We believe that horses have the right to a “forever” stable social structure where they can form bonds without being repeatedly ripped away from their friends.  We believe that horses who have worked together giving rides to humans (not that they did not enjoy their jobs—they did) should be able to retire together and live out their days in peace and stability, enjoying each other’s company.


We believe that when unexpected and presumably temporary financial disaster hits, the horses have a right to be helped within their social home rather than ripped out of it, ripped away from their almost lifelong friends, and sent out alone in different directions into “foster care”, which too often means a serious of “forever homes” ending at the slaughterhouse.  That is a horrible permanent “solution” to a temporary problem, as they say about suicide.


We have found, painfully, that most horse rescues only want to help the horses they can wrench away from their social homes and disperse through selling them (“adoption fees”), therefore we are driven to this drastic measure.   If the owner refuses to have them “dispersed”, the owner is attacked as a cruel horse abuser.


Raven and Crow, by far the most valuable in monetary terms, will have to sacrifice their homes so the rest can stay together.  As the two leaders of the herd, they will be greatly missed by all the horses.  Obviously, they must go together and must not be separated.


Raven and Crow are both black Percheron geldings, 17 hands, with extensive experience taking dudes on trail rides.  They are NOT show horses—they have always been only trail riding horses.  They are sweet in nature and gentle beyond words.

They both do fine in a halter with reins attached.  That's how we used them.


I am planning to videotape them as soon as possible, to show their amazing beauty in action, even though of course they have their long, dull winter coats.  I just wanted to get this notice out as soon as possible.

They are currently in Helena, MT.

Please email  mthorses@protonmail.com  if interested in purchase.