Our Helena Horses  

Here is an awesome video done in 2018, so it is pretty much all the same horses we still have now.

This is what these poor innocent souls are dealing with now--no food but grasshoppers and being chased without mercy by 4-wheelers to the point of exhaustion.

Regarding vaccinations:  We vaccinated them yearly--all at the same time--but they are not UTD.  When the business was destroyed last year, it was about time for their yearly vaccination, but we needed to save that money for feeding them.

Regarding how they are for the farrier:  I'm sorry but this is not something I can answer.  Previously, the wranglers handled the horses for the farrier and I was not present--I would not know how each individual behaved--but I never heard about any specific problems.  I believe one farrier even used an angle grinder.  This year, they have all been trimmed twice by a tilt-table farrier, and of course, although they all tolerated that, it does not give indication of how they would behave for regular trimming/shoeing.

Regarding arena vs trail:   We did not even have an arena, but I can tell you that pretty much all these horses are better on the trail than in an arena (except maybe pony Willow).  They are pretty much "pull right to go right, left to go left, and pull back to stop" level of cue subtlety.   

Regarding Riding Level for each horse:  Except for the ones I specifically mentioned as children's horses, the horses were all used for absolute beginner first time adult or teen riders.


Thunder:  23 y/o Belgian cross gelding, 17 hh, 2000 lbs, sorrel with flaxen main/tail, sound, shod, no issues,

Sugar,: 23 y/o Belgian cross mare, 17 hh, 2000 lb, strawberry roan, sound, no issues, shod.  NOT marish at all--I mean zero.


Rosie: Unk age black Percheron cross mare, 17 hh, 2000 lb, sound, no issues, shod.

Chief: unk age, unk breed draft cross gelding, VERY stocky, sturdy guy, 16hh, 2200 lbs, shod, sound of feet but has eye growth inner eye on right for 2 years (very slow growing) that LaSalle estimated could be removed for "hundreds".  I had minimal personal experience with him on the trail, as I was already sick and retired when we got him.

Blanca, children's horse:  unk age, unk breed, white "grey" mare, 14.5hh, 1000 lbs, easy keeper, light duty--has tender feet only if used long and hard with adult riders.  No issues,  Shod.  Used as "Unicorn" at "Pony Parties" and used often with Galahad for marriage proposals. 

SweetPea, children's horse, 23 y/o reg. quarter horse mare, light golden coat and mane/tail.  Like Blanca, 14.5hh, 1000 lbs, easy keeper, light duty--has tender feet only if used long and hard with adult riders.  No issues,  Shod.

Brego, (Reg. name Roberto's Show), 22 y/o OTTB gelding, first cousin to Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro.  Won 177,000 in his career at Hollywood Park, Del Mar and Santa Anita.  Has barely noticeable hitch in hind foot lift (lifts it higher) ever since we got him in 2006, obviously never painful.  Otherwise completely sound.  Sorrel with striking blaze.  16hh, 1100lb.  No issues.
More Brego pictures

Rio Grande:  unk age, unk breed (quarter/arab?) gelding, 15hh, 1100lb, shod, sound, no issues.  Tends to be a wrangler's favorite ride, even though he is perfectly good dude trail horse--I think it's a "horsenality" thing.

Tomahawk:  unk age, unk breed (quarter?) gelding, red dun, 15 hh, 1100lb, sound and sturdy--previous owner was well into the 200 lbs.  Shod, no issues.


Mojave Moon, 12 year old half mustang (son of Savannah), bay, 14.5, 1100lb, sound, not shod, no issues.  Smartest horse we ever had and a character--very people-oriented.

Willow 2.jpg

Willow: 13hh, 750lb bay pony mare, unk age.  She is MUCH more beautiful than this photo shows, with a striking arab-like head with huge eyes.  We never incorporated her into rent string because she had too much energy on the trail for a first time child rider.  I always thought she would make a perfect barrel pony for some lucky child, because she is fast as lightning.  (Wranglers nicknamed her "Bullet".)

Jazmin:  unk age, unk breed sorrel mare, 14 hh, 1000lb, sound, shod, no issues.  

Savannah:  13.5hh, 1100lb, bay mustang mare.  Very easy keeper.  Stocky and sturdy--weight of taller horse, but short mustang legs.  Sound.  Shod.  She is a bit marish--we just attended to who we put her next to.  Loves people.  Photo does NOT do her justice.

Amigo, Children's Horse:  unk age, unk breed, sorrel w/flaxen mane/tail gelding.  14hh, 1000 lbs, sound.  No issues!!!  Ever!!!  Amigo is absolutely our best trail horse for children or adults.  He won me a large "Trail Trials" event in SoCal.  I always said if I could just have 50 Amigos of various sizes, I'd be set for horses. His personality in 1 word:  meek.  (Always at bottom of pecking order--walks away from trouble every time.)  Wrangler favorite for ease of use.
More Amigo

Ducati, children's horse:  unk age, unk breed, gelding, dark dun w/ amazing eyes matching his brindled coat.  14.5hh, 1100 lbs, easy keeper.  Sound.  No issues.  We kept him as a light duty children's horse to protect his long back even though he never evidenced any pain from it.  He was such a good children's horse and we wanted to save and protect him that way.

Galahad, a very special horse:  Pure black Tennessee Walker, 17hh, 1300lb, gelding.  Big-boned and sturdy--often took riders more than 230 lbs.  No issues.  Not shod.  He is a such a noble creature and our sweetest horse.  Many marriage proposals were done from his back to ladies on Miss Blanca, the white horse I'm so worried about right now.  He also was dressed as a knight's horse for some proposals (by knights in costume armor) and in parades.  He is so careful about people that you can safely sit under him behind his front legs with no concern for your safety.  Issue:  he has a choppy walk that i believe is from weird Tennessee Walker shoeing in his youth--it does not seem to bother the customers.

more Galahad pictures

Ranger--unk age paint, mostly dark brown/black with white markings on sides--(one shaped like a steer head), 15hh, 1100lb, sound, , not shod.  Although he was also used as a customer horse, he was always the favorite wrangler horse and was used mostly in that capacity because he was so good at it.  He could be ridden up next to any horse without intimidating that horse to fix or adjust things.  He could be dismounted and would walk along in the line riderless if the wrangler wanted to walk along with the ride for any reason (adjusting things, etc) (one wrangler did that a lot).  I would say his one issue is that he does NOT like to be "left behind".  It very much upsets him.

Retired horses

Princess, children's horse, retired due to swayback and feet, but good for pony parties.

Atreu, Children's Horse, retired due to swayback

Mister Ed, retired

Reba, Retired