Hey Kalispell/Flathead Valley Friends!


I checked around.

Lonesome Dove charges $50/hr ($75/hr for a private ride).

Artemis charges $55 for a 1 hr ride and $70 for a 2 hour ride.

Bar W charges $110 for a 2 hour ride.

Swan Glacier charges $55 for 1 hour and $85 for 2 hour

So…I guess I was thinking maybe $40 for a 1 hour ride or $65 for 2 hour would be fair.

(I recommend 2 hour—these are great places to ride.)

Of course, these are all private rides--something that is usually charged extra for.

And these horses need this help SO badly right now.

We can take children down to 7 years old and weights up to about 280 lbs.

Please come for a horseback ride in a beautiful place near Kalispell (your choice).

These are safe horses with years of experience taking out first-time riders. Age 7 up to 280 lbs.

A small donation of, say, $40 for 1 hour or $65 for 2 hours would help these horses tremendously. They didn’t cause the pandemic scare, but they sure are suffering for it, after years of faithful service providing great experiences for humans.


See https://www.yelp.com/.../western-trails-horseback-riding...    for reviews of these horses.